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Safe Your Marriage/Relationship While It Lasts

Aktualisiert: 26. Feb. 2022

Do you know Couples that never stop fighting and being frustrated?

Change Your Relationship Now

Couples bond because they want to stay together. Most of the time there is little awareness of the deeper problems that can arise in the relationship later in time. And that's a good thing, otherwise many would not take the step and want to commit to each other.

What if the relationship cannot be without arguments, repetitive disappointments and frustrations and the break of connection with each other?

Become trauma-informed and change your relationship now:

What is 'Freeze'?

'Freeze' is a protective mechanism that is supposed to protect us from impending danger. If there were traumatic experiences in the past that are not processed, our body is still working in the same mode. If the partner triggers this old mechanism in the other, through their behavior or emotions, the following can happen: the traumatized partner disappears, becomes frozen, leaving the scene. Inwardly he/she feels scared, paralyzed, in a danger zone, the pulse goes higher, a feeling of shame rises and he/she is ready to fight and defend self.

Then the other partner feels abandoned, rejected and devalued.

You are not the trauma! But the trauma can be recognized and dealt with so that a loving and connected relationship can be build again.

Often both partners are traumatized. In the relationship, however, their wounds show up differently. In my experience, it is very rare that only one partner would be traumatized. For the most part, both of them have unprocessed trauma that can torture the relationship.

Get help through Trauma-sensitive Couple Counselling, so that your marriage / partnership does not have to suffer any longer unnecessarily! Take care of your relationships and invest into life. Book your first Trauma-sensitive Couple Counselling session with me:

Booking - Online Couples Counseling:

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