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Skill Training

Skill Training for Individuals, Couples and Groups

Adults and Children



The aim of the Skill Training:

To support healthy ways of regulating the nervous system by making contact with yourself

and organized and real contact with others.


Skill training promotes a person's healthy potential, inner vitality,

and supports emotional self-regulation,

a prerequisite for fulfilling contact with yourself and others.


The Skill Training deals with core skills such as:

The ability to distance oneself from stressful inner states

The ability to induce positive inner states


The main topics of training and psycho education are:

Stress tolerance
Dealing with feelings
Interpersonal skills
Self worth




For whom is the skill training suitable:



  • For people who want to improve their relationship skills.

  • For people who work in psychosocial fields and want to learn methods of stress regulation

  • For people with trauma experience. It is believed that the most momentous consequences of Shock trauma and Early relationship trauma are the resulting lack of emotional and self-regulatory skills.




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