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Love and the Golden Cow Worship

Bringing Light to a Phenomena we can find (not only) in Christian Circles

My definition of a Golden Cow:

A substitute for a wholesome relationship with God and others

When the Golden Cow becomes the focus, relationship is lost -

The Golden Cow is worshiped instead of living in a natural, free and alive relationship with God and others

When Christian followers make their ministry the source of attention and satisfaction, real love gets perverted. God becomes a function, a performance to do, to get more attention. The outside is polished and the inside is hidden. The Golden Cow is cold, hard and lifeless. It looks good, but a real relationship is not possible. The heart has become stone.

When you are trying to build relationship with a Golden Cow, being made to belief, that this Golden Cow is the real thing, you might

experience the following:

feeling confused, doubting yourself, low-self esteem, thinking you are the problem, feeling isolated, being lonely, depressed without knowing why ......

What is a love relationship instead & learning to live form an alive heart

In my last 'Trauma Care Training Program', one of my colleges, a Church worker and Counsellor said:

Tina, the church teaches us to love other people, but you teach us HOW to love other people ! To learn about Trauma Care, is giving me what I need to love not just my brothers and sisters, but also traumatised people.

In a place where I have been, where religion and faith are watched and controlled, the members experience many problems:

Conflicts between churches, alcohol problems especially in males, domestic violence and as a result Christian couples getting divorced.

Some of these pastors are in the 'Trauma Care Training Program'. They learn to understand what Trauma is, how to connect with people, who are constantly caught up in Victim - Perpetrator - Saviour dynamics, and much more.

How to become free from the un-wholesome Golden Cow systems ?

Learn to make your own decisions from the Heart

Learn as much as you can about the topic of Trauma

Start believing in your body and intuition again, showing you that something is not right out there

Join the 'Trauma Care Training Program', to be immersed with stabilising, safe and healing community

Get yourself one-on-one help from people who understand this dynamic

Yours from the Heart,


Trauma Transformation & Relationship Building

in, through and with Cultures

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