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Tina M. Hoffmann, MSc

Psychosocial Counselling I Trauma Counselling 

Trauma Pedagogy I NARM Practitioner/Therapy 

Supervision l Training

International Speaker

Tina pic UBahn 2.jpg

I love working with people, I would even say 'I love people' and the Cultures they come from.

Helping Individuals with their Trauma Transformation, and thereby bringing Trauma Transformation into their Cultures, is my great passion, which began in China in 1996.

I am excited to WELCOME YOU to my (Online Zoom) Practice ,

with the NeuroAffective Relationship model NARM - for healing Developmental Trauma & Restoring Connection.

In the process, old and out of date survival strategies can be resolved, the ability to self-regulate is strengthened and a healthier self-image can develop.

I also work :

Body-centered, Mindfulness-based, Attachment focused while giving space for Emotional work and Spiritual guidance

A look into my Life:

Since 1996 I have been working with children and adults with trauma,  as a Counsellor and Psychological Development Worker.

I completed my Master's degree in Psychosocial Counselling in Austria, am a Licensed Psychological Counsellor, Trauma Counsellor & Trauma Pedagogue, and Certified NARM practitioner (healing Developmental Trauma).

I have southern German and Austrian roots, was born in 1969 and have lived half of my life in Asia, where I am Co-founder of two Counselling Centers in China and Thailand. Internationally I teach 'Trauma Care' and 'Psychological Counselling' in, through and with cultures'.

Currently based in Vienna, I can draw on many years of experience working with individuals and teams from many different cultures. Having raised three children in a foreign country and going through trauma and crisis challenges, have given me deep and comprehensive insights into the human life experience and its possibilities.

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