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COUNSELLING - Psychological, Psychosocial, Neuroaffective

Online and in Vienna







I help People with:


  • Stress and conflict

  • Distressing feelings like fear, sadness, depressive moods, desperation

  • Relational stress

  • Relationship crisis

  • Loss and grief

  • Difficulties reaching your goals and desires

  • Disappointments, loneliness

  • Co-dependant relationships

  • Toxic relationships, Covert Narcissim, Manipulation

  • Separations and new beginnings

  • Highly sensitivity persons

  • Stress form Relocations, Intercultural Life, Transitions

  • Secondary Trauma and Compassion Fatigue

I help people:

Finding their original aliveness, connection and creativity that was buried and is still waiting to be recovered. I accompany you in the process of restoration for your wholistic being and the relationships you are in.

An Insecure Attachment, Early Developmental Trauma or Shock Trauma, impairs healthy self-regulation. It causes us to cut ourselves off from ourselves and others, distorts identity and undermines self-esteem. We develop adaptation strategies that are essential for survival and that help us in the early stages of our life to cope with painful or traumatic experiences (e.g. being left alone emotionally, not being comforted, not being stimulated and encouraged as a unique person, losses of any kind, and much more.)
It is precisely these strategies of adaptation to the experienced deficiency and unavailability that then become the cause of persistent dysregulation of the nervous system in adulthood and cause problems with self-esteem.

I help you to appreciate the old and not anymore useful structures and to build new living structures.
Relationships with oneself and with others come back to life.

I look forward to meet you in the safety of the Counselling relationship!

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I help Parents and Caregivers:

  • Work out ways to promote maturation, development and well-being

  • Develop new behaviours

  • Alleviate mental suffering


My interventions include trauma-pedagogical, attachment-oriented methods.

I work with creative and body-oriented methods to give expression when words are missing.

Existing networks for support will be explored  in the process.

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I help Couples:

  • Create safety in which they can meet, support each other and communicate needs and longings

  • See their reality, work with it and explore meaningful change

  • Maintaining the couple relationship and taking it to a deeper and safer level

  • Recognise their patterns of connection and cutting off their relationship, and learning to respond meaningfully 



Sue Johnson, Creator of Emotion Focused Couples Therapy says:

How one can improve and even save one's couple relationship is to be open and attuned to the other in order to re-establish the emotional connection .


I work with the key moments of contact and breakup in a couple relationship in order to find the liveliness in the couple relationship and to be able to build secure connections.


If partners have tried everything for a long time and it just doesn't work anymore,  one or both partners might be affected by trauma.

I help you track trauma in the couple relationship:

recognize both healthy and trauma-related relationship strategies that have emerged as a result of early childhood experiences and that shape the dynamics of the couple today. These patterns were adaptive strategies at the time and are experienced as normal today. However, today they prevent a relationship from developing healthily.

I accompany you on the way to discovering the aliveness in the couple relationship and in making decisions about how things can continue.

You have permission ... to have feelings and share them


You can ... make mistakes and learn from them


You have permission ... to disagree and make a contingency plan


You can ... have needs and ask for fulfillment

Am I affected by trauma?


There are many different facets how the consequences of trauma can manifest itselves, for example through: fear of loss, persistent depression, bizarre behaviour, rapid arousal, stressful sensitivity, thoughts like 'I'm not enough!', feeling overwhelmed by intense people, finding yourself in toxic relationships and much more.

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